Saturday, December 31, 2011


Give all of yourself and you say 
You’ve not given enough, give less 

And you still want more. 


  1. Generosity, need, hunger, appetite... to be human is to wish and want, and to wonder, Are there limits to these things? Is enough ever enough?

    Reminded of the poet's private play-on-a-name paradox:

    Methinks I lied all winter, when I swore,
    My love was infinite, if spring make it more.

    J. Donne, Love's Growth

    (He was constantly punning on "more" -- that was his wife's surname -- and she meant everything to him -- and he risked everything to elope with her, the underage daughter of the Lord he served -- and she gave him everything -- "a mast of children", and then, barely into her thirties, her life...)

  2. Thank you for reminding me of Donne's risking everything for more and her giving everything in return.


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