Thursday, December 29, 2011

Huuklyeand Cinquor on Pegasus and Company

If—as you say, my dear Wallace— 
There was indeed a time when

Both steed and rider were noble, how come 
It's only the rider who's now 

A transmogrified ass? 

Moderator’s comment: The reader (and/or perhaps, writer) is kindly instructed to sashay over to Cinquor's PDF Corral where our Noble Rider Huuk probably picked up his misguided, asinine idea of trying to harness the sound of words. I tell you if Stevens were alive, he’d be kicking some bad ass and picking up the insurance benefits to boot!


  1. At least, as Apuleius tells it, we asses may be restored to our human shapes if we make nice with Isis. That's my hope! Until then, I'll have to keep annoying Cinquor—and so many others (so many)—with my brays.

  2. I'm with you there, kemo sabe--let's hee-haw Silver (as in Pegusus) away!

  3. Having your crock and drinking from it too is an old confidence game, from which the insurance industry derives.

    That's Wally's wife's profile on the Liberty Head dime (third image down, left).

    Even if you can't always be on the money or in the money, your spouse can. All part of the magical American game of smoke and mirrors.

    (Actuarial reality and "actual" reality -- is there a difference?)

  4. Never knew that about Wally's spouse: Just goes to show some people actually make money--not the nickel-and-dime stuff--out of poetry!


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