Thursday, December 15, 2011

Huuklyeand Cinquor on Biting the Bullet

Punk firebrand intellect with prophetic 
Corpus pregnant with bravado before firing 
Your virgin salvo into that illustrious 
But now defenseless body 
Of ancestors think twice 
And never after 

Drawing a blank. 

Moderator’s comments: Not having heard from Huuk for ages (so to speak), I thought he’d finally shot his wad. Just goes to show you shouldn’t count geezers out—not even after you think they’ve wheezed their pathetic last. 


  1. Geezers of the world, unite!

    Oh, wait. Ick.

  2. Oh, these effusive demonstrations of sympathetic solidarity, how they do warm the cockles of this
    gee-wheezing heart!

  3. Well, we try.

    Might even go so far as to throw in an "oof!"


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