Monday, January 2, 2012

Announcing the Results of Vazambam's Poetry Giveaway Contest!

                            Some rembetika before the big moment. 


                             The hand in the hat……………and

Congratulations to Elisabeth Hanscombe and Tom Clark! Your copies of Sentences will shortly be in the mail. I also want to thank everybody who participated in the contest—all of you are winners even if you didn’t win this one. 

(By the way, my first girlfriend's name was Jacqueline aka "Jackie".)


  1. Wow. I never win things, or hardly ever at least. I'm chuffed. Thanks, Vassilis.

    I'd never have guessed Jackie.

  2. Now how did I ever guess?

    Multiple chuffings here!

  3. Well, you two, we had our share of quaffs before your chuffs, so it was our pleasure too!

    Thanks again for submitting your guesses.

  4. Live Ρεμπέτικα; Lucky you!!! Είσαι αυτός που πέζει μπαγλαμά;

    Happy New Year.

  5. Can't you tell by the shock........of grey hair? Yep, that's me and it's a tzoura but I also have a baglama and the bouzouki being played by my friend is also mine. To paraphrase Kazantzakis/Zorba "I have more instruments....if you are interested." (Can't play worth a shit but after a few kilos of wine, who gives a shit?)

    Happy New Year to you, too, my Spanish Philhellene friend!

  6. I'm wondering if this is the same "Tom Clark" of the "New York School of Poetry?" I've been reading him since the early Seventies.

  7. Well, you can stop wondering and keep on reading him, Kevin!

  8. Vassilis,

    You didn't really say "kilos", did you?? My admiration (if not my cup) overfloweth.

    Hello Kevin,

    No, definitely not that infamous scoundrel.

    A ride through East of West L.A. made me feel almost "at home" (that is, anxious...) -- esp. the harmonic convergence of dissonant Christmas spirit in a shot like "Spring Street" (Dec. 16) -- put me in mind, a bit, of this festive moment in the neighborhood.

  9. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the nice words about "East of West LA." I honestly think I'm a little starstruck as "An Anthology of New York Poets" was my Bible in college.

    Going to work now but yes, the festive moment in the photo is very much what I look for and enjoy.

    Thanks again,


  10. You are right, Vassili, the "baglamás" is smaller.

    Hope to listen to you playing the "tzura" one day or to listen together some great "rembetika" tunes like "Ela apopse stou Thomá / na sou pekso baglamá, / na katevoun oi aggeloi / na chorepsoun tsifteteli".

    Best wishes, my friend!!!

  11. Tom,

    I did say "kilos" but like most Greeks, I'm inclined to a bit of hyperbole (good Greek word) now and then, am I not?


    The next time you come to Greece and to the Milk and Honey House--that's a promise!


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