Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reflections, 1969/2011

When this photograph was taken 
Years ago, I did not know what 
The old woman was thinking— 

She was sitting before the low 
Wooden door of her house, 
Walking stick in hand, 
Eyes lowered, looking at the ground— 

I still don’t know what she was thinking. 


  1. And now Vassilis presumably this old woman thinks no more, but her image lives on forever here and you have at least caused us to wonder.

  2. it is just like the mona lisa: wonderfull because there are no words to describe the emotions and thoughts of the woman

  3. There are things we were never meant to know.

    Clicking on the photo reveals other worlds & dimensions of reflection.

    Extremely moving, the foreground, the background... while the middle ground, in which we toil, remains equally mysterious & opaque.

    Terrific poem, wondrous post, Vassilis. Many thanks.

  4. "There are things we were never meant to know" but this isn't one of them:

    All comments focusing on wonder/wondrous--such wonderful friends. Thank you.


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