Friday, December 30, 2011

For Better or Worse, Lads

What are they after, our souls, traveling 
on rotten brine-soaked timbers 
from harbor to harbor? 
—George Seferis, from “Mythistorema” 

So when 
We finally found out where 
We were going, we thought 

We’d better take one 
Last good look back at what 
We were leaving and that’s when 

We shoved off for good. 


  1. And hopefully we did not turn into a pillar of salt from that one last look behind. Or is that fate reserved only for women?

  2. Blimey, not only for women! I think it's our Captain's lot to have his raft overflowing with both sexes equally adept at using the .........sextant! :)

  3. Michelagelo's Charon has a such a small craft--so how in hell did all those lost souls fit on board?

  4. I think it was a kind of rapid vapo-shuttle service, lots of trips back and forth, cut-price passage promised in the off-season.


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