Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paladin, The Dark Writer

Even after so much travail (over 10,000 km under his saddle and still going strong), the question remains unanswered: Has he the write, will he prevail? Perhaps he will but alas, alas my dark knight, to what avail? 

(Hint: Make his quest easier. Send in your answers to his giveaway poetry contest before the 31st of December 2011 deadline—without fail. Who knows? You may be getting his card ……, that should be book……in the mail!)


  1. Is this hooded rider, who seems to be blinking at us like a slightly frosted, exhausted owl, actually a man who has seen the shutter of the lightning in the mask that overhangs Athene's brow?

    Vassilis Zambaras: Athene's Tree (Two Poems)

  2. no words can describe my feelings when i see you like this

  3. Tom,

    You should know--weren't you the man who orchestrated the whole thing? :)

    As for you, my good man Petros, put your feelings into pump action the next time you come to Greece--I'll have a new bike reserved for just that purpose.


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