Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday Sellout

All you white 
Slaves and pimps

Of merchandise 
And other motley

Bags of whatnots,
It's bad

Enough buying 
A lie but 

What if you think 
You’ve got the goods 

On the store when 
The store knows 

You’ve been sold 
Down the river? 


  1. Perfect! Yes, Melody felt personally insulted that her birthday this year was on Black Friday. What a spectacle! (Black Friday greed, not her birthday, I mean....) The world is too much with us....

  2. Thanks, Joseph and belated Happy Birthday wishes to Melody! As for her feeling personally insulted, she might take solace in the knowledge that this barbaric American "tradition" has successfully jumped the Atlantic and is now firmly entrenched in the modern Hellenic Zeitgeist--we had scenes at some stores that were reminiscent of the sacking of Athens by the Herules; materialism still reigns supreme even in financially battered Hellas.


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