Monday, December 26, 2011

Moot Advent of Winter

Waiting to see which leaf will answer 
Its calling, asking ourselves when 

A chill gust settles 
The question once 

And for all and not 
Just for you and me. 


  1. Kenosha Pass

    October wind pounds
    mountainsides of aspen,
the whole forest a library
exploding in slow mo.
    Seems the wind’s
 Read fast,
    fools! Everything
    scrawled on these
falling leaves
    pertains to you.

  2. Thanks for sending me this fine, leafy "volume" illustrating once again that poetry is in fact a vast lending library; in this case, I think you gave Mother Nature a better read!

  3. Love these leaves (filed among the inner litterae, in that sanctum of the fallen yet unforgotten):

    ...chill gust settles
    The question once

    And for all and...

    (gust/quest contains such an interesting mixup of levels and dimensions of the poetic)

  4. Astyanax
    Now that you are leaving, now that the day
    of payment
    dawns, now that no one knows
    whom he will kill and how he will die,
    take with you the boy who saw the light
    under the leaves of that plane-tree
    and teach him to study the trees.

    --George Seferis, from Mythistorema.

    Thank you for loving these leaves, Tom.


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