Tuesday, November 25, 2008

True to Life

It was August and it was hot
And they buried him quickly;

Just as he was being lowered,
She left to water the livestock.


  1. Not that I don't like "True to Life," but what happened to "True Grit"? The one that went like this:

    Grit's what's writ--
    Not rote, nitwit.

    It made me think of another favorite poet of mine, Bill Knott. A copious collection of his short-to-very-short poems can be found here, and you might get a kick out of his riffs on Basho's frog poem here.


  2. Yes, knott that I mind, but “True Grit” was a great teaser.

    Thirty-one translations of Furu ike ya — you’ve probably seen them.

  3. I actually used those 31 translations in my poetry class to talk about revision—the dangers and rewards of it....

  4. I have enjoyed all your recent poems on the blog. "True to Life" is one of my favorites!

  5. J, W, J, J--

    As they used to say way back then (or was that when?)--"Back by popular demand!" Thanks for taking the time to comment and send links--much appreciated!


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