Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Somewhat Prosaic Love Poem

My wife's forever after me
To tell her what I'm writing

Day-after-day; when I look at her
And tell her I have nothing to say,

I see the way she looks at me
Has everything, everything to do

With what I have to say.

(First published in NOON: Journal of the Short Poem, #5.)


  1. Ah, lovely. And I see by your Live Traffic Feed that “I’ve finally arrived.” That’s two winners in just five minutes!

  2. Thanks,William--for some strange reason, your comment about the Live Traffic Feed made me think of the e.e.cummings poem about Buffalo Bill--especially the line "and break onetwothreefourfivepidgeonsjustlikethat".

  3. “I’m back.” (Did he ever leave?) That poem is truly a classic. Unfortunately, that you were reminded of it also proves that you’re in as bad a shape as I am.

  4. William,

    It can only get worse! But reading cummings
    is a real balm--too bad he's considered out-of-fashion by too many people who should know better.

  5. I second William's reaction: lovely! Delivers that sweet shiver of rightness that keeps poets writing and their readers reading.


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