Thursday, November 20, 2008

NOTE: My thanks to Joseph Hutchison for following my blog. Joseph has one of the most interesting, down-to-earth blogs dedicated to poetry that I've come across and I'm honored he's decided to be another definitely not lemmings.


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  2. Hey, it's MY pleasure to be connected, Vassilis! I discovered you years ago through a small, beautiful book called Sentences (as I recall; it was in a box of other treasures I lost in one of many moves), and rediscovered you via William Michaelian—that delightful, protean Web presence. If I stray from the down-to-earth, I trust you'll let me know!

    Joe H

    [I had to delete and repost because a pesky typo snuck in....]

  3. Joe,

    Thanks! I would've never guessed you once had a copy of Sentences--amazing! And as for "straying from the[righteous]down-to-earth[path],trust me to fire at will if and whenever your blog is invaded by pesky aerial critters!


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