Monday, November 17, 2008

Recently received: I first became aware of William Michaelian when I replied to a post he had sent to Ron Silliman's blog about a month- and-a-half ago (thanks Ron for being the unwitting go-between); in the meantime, we've exchanged each other's books and maintained a sporadic email correspondence. For those unacquainted with Michaelian's poetry, I know that after reading Winter Poems and Another Song I Know, winter--and the short poem--will no longer be just another song you know.


Every winter,
we pruned
the same

Now we're older,
some of us have died.

I see the vineyard in my mind:
the brush is tangled, leafless, waiting.

Winter Poems

It helps to know
that I can burn them
to keep warm.

Both books available for mind stoking at Cosmopsis Books.

1 comment:

  1. Haven't yet picked up the books (though I plan to), but I too am becoming more and more impressed with Michaelian. You too run a fascinating blog!


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