Thursday, November 13, 2008

Noted: William Michaelian's most recent post mentioning a musty-smelling little book of verse he picked up from an equally musty-smelling little used book store sent me scurrying to my stacks of equally musty-smelling books to dig out one of my forgotten favorites: The Stuffed Owl: An Anthology of Bad Verse, edited by D.B.Wyndham Lewis (no relation to the BLAST Lewis) and Charles Lee--a sheer delight, let me tell you, as well as an edifying experience--seeing what happens to poets whenever they get the urge to fly high in the sky on the ass-end of an inflated Pegusus. Highly recommended if you can find it--last published in 1963.


  1. I actually saw this book a few months ago, but I ended up leaving it behind because it was just too mangled and had too many scribbles. Now I’ll be looking for it again.

    Thanks for mentioning Donne to Dryden.

  2. Hmmmm......too mangled and too many scribbles,eh? Probably a veteran survivor of too many ack-ack attacks! Keep plugging away!

  3. I suppose I should have bought it and given it a good home. But I do have a mangle-and-scribble threshold. I don’t mind some writing in used books — in fact, I’ve bought quite a few because of their inscriptions and notes, which I’ve enjoyed in some cases more than the contents.


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