Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tale of the Lonesome Pine

Been rooted here so long 
Listening to the wind, 
Don’t make much sense 
To get up and mosey on 
Further down the ridge. 

If I did, I’d be still 
There standing in line 
Looking up 
Waiting to see 
How much I missed. 


  1. Ah, Vassilis

    once again you've made us see the delicious irony in the commonality of things that seem cursed, somehow, to look different to us. I believe it's the human condition to be perennially haunted by that 'How much I missed' feel. No matter where you go...

  2. Frost famously wrote of trees, "They are that that talks of going / But never gets away." How good to hear from one that likes where he stands just fine, thank you....

  3. No matter where you go, nice to be appreciated, as if one were a tree. :)


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