Thursday, June 5, 2014

Perspective Distance

--for Ed Baker 

the moon looks

to be fleeting 

yet staying

on intimate terms

an arm’s length away 


  1. Vassilis,

    thanks for the Ed Baker dedication. Ed's a contemporary master haijin who's practised his craft all his life and received too scant attention from the mainstream haiku crowd (and who sometimes is even boorishly derided by people who frequent your wonderful site and who should know better).

    . It's a privilege to call Ed Baker my friend and teacher.

    1. For Ed, too

      " to be fleeting
      yet staying"--
      Baker haiku

  2. Thanks for the great send-up, Vassilis.

    Always an honour and a privilege to be following a colossal academic bore on a comment chain. Bare-assed genius is never embarrassed. The grand art of parody lives on!!

    To be brief
    in one's briefs --
    "mooning" the Moon!

    -- I.C.U.P II (Kick Shin Period)

  3. Dear Conrad,

    Thanks for your feedback on “Perspective Distance,” which happened to be triggered by one of Ed’s language-accompanied drawings.

    Dear Tom,

    The poem “Perspective Distance” was not meant to be a send-up of the work of the artist it is dedicated to nor should it be interpreted as such.

    Thank you both for being such steadfast followers of my blog.

  4. Yowza! Lovely and spacious, Vassilis. A fine tribute to Ed's work....

  5. you know...

    it's not so easy
    being myself

    I guess that it is "about"
    that Fire....
    one must burn their own wood

    as for everything else? mostly pimps & hucksters
    regurgitating others' Horse Shit ... (some of it pretty good,
    .... some of it)

  6. ... yeah, don't you just hate those darn "hucksters"...

    heh heh they're kind of "suckers"...always wasting the opportunity to "self promote"...

    ...riding the coattails of "the greats"...

    learning how to highlight "links" and "be courteous" heh heh...

    going to "bat" for "other people"... waste of time... by the way have i ever told you i'm a "true" "original"... I only "pimp" MYSELF!!... heh heh

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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oh well, if you're going to be like that... such a tease! And besides...

    I like your ginger ale.


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