Monday, June 30, 2014

Empty Rhetoric's Catastrophe

Apostrophic yes— 
And never failing 

To omit whatever’s left 
Of your dwindling devices, 

You end up vomiting 
The whole works. 


  1. Vassilis,

    the best illustration of the "less is best" dictum that every poet must take to heart.

  2. Hi you might be interested to know that the National Library of Australia has archived due to its significant cultural value the work of Melbourne and Australia's leading erotic poet colin leslie dean

    You can view the site at
    Gamahucher Press/colin leslie dean was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia. This title is scheduled to be re-archived regularly.

    You can view/download for free all his works from


  3. well. Anonymous... I "bit" looked this guy's work up.... and that Gamahucker Press..
    found this by c dean:
    what a crock of horse-shit ! at best: sophomoric moronality ... ANON, you have time to waste on this "Australia's Greatest Erotic Poet ? That IS sad... I guess that he/his works (as are so many many crappy poets out there) are so popular is because
    stupidity is so popular

  4. If less is best, Australia's greatest erotic poet should jettison his bilgewater, shape up or ship out.

  5. I see colin leslie deans poetry has cursed some some people to rise up with reactions Perhaps the only rise they have had in years. I suggest for those males that have problems with raising it they might gain insight from deans latest poem

    the poem is about flaccidity


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