Thursday, May 29, 2014

Huuklyeand Cinquor on Shelley's "Poets are the Unacknowledged Legislators of the World"

Gentlemen, have we all gone mad? 
In the Muse’s name, let us 
Proceed with all due haste! 
Clearly there are other things 
More crucial to our material 
And spiritual well-being, 
With examples so bountiful that 
Many of our disillusioned 
Noble riders believe 
Such romanticisms should be 
Summarily dismissed as being 
Inconsequential and irrelevant 
To the nightmarish issue that keeps 
Rearing its ugly head before us, to wit: 

Do we have a quorum? 
Or more to the point, 
Have we ever had one? 

Moderator’s comments: I think it’s high time Huuk dismounted his high horse and went to pasture. With the exception of the plague of stable boys and girls who keep grooming Pegasus for the next running of the MFA Perennial Win Place and Show Poetry Sweepstakes, who gives a flying Phaeton fuckaroo about poetry, anyway?


  1. methinks that they changed the name:

    from 'minion'
    to "quorum'
    to 'herd'

    by degrees ?

    & it is nice to see that you are moving in a direction where Senior Words are again being used .... head on & without any doubts, tricks, gimmicks,indirectnesses or signifying ?

  2. One of Huuk's best, Vassilis. Send him my en gardes....

  3. Ah, the sweet smell of success—I can see the future headlines now: HUUKLYEAND CINQUOR POSTHUMOUSLY NETS TEN-THOUSAND-POUND SCHTINKFISCH POETRY REVIEW PRIZE!

  4. A 45-minute collaborative close reading of a group reading of Huuklyeand Cinquor's "Theses on the Utility of a Quorum" will be held in the Rip Van Winkle Memorial Faculty Wing of the Atrium at 02.45, drinks and light refreshments to follow.

  5. Have a heart, Tom--you could've at least told us the year this is taking place so that we might reserve our seats well in advance of Huuk's advancing minions.


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