Thursday, June 12, 2014

Broken Heart

Leave it alone long enough 
And it will cure itself 

In the dark, returning 
To the light only to develop 

New scars that need 
New blood to nourish them. 


  1. Yes, indeed...

    The lie about time's curative very eloquently made. It sort of reminds me of Chesterton's "If you leave a white pole alone, it turns black", which is every bit as smug and stupidly reactionary as the time heals all line.

  2. Thanks, Conrad.

    BTW, that line about time's curative seems to be a global phenomenon (at least in the slick "civilized" sick Western world)--any idea why?

  3. My view's that 'global capital' ultimately lulls the soul (or moral conscience) to sleep. Dissatisfactions, trained to run skin deep, can be instantly remedied with instagrams and selfies. Let's rejig Kant's moral imperative: Act as if the principle of your actions everywhere in the world today can be applicable to everyone with a phone.

    This is how wrongs, that under the old regimes would last centuries, are righted today.

  4. It’s beyond me why some philosophical computer geek hasn’t come up with an application where iphone zombies can virtually meet other hypothetical beings that are physically identical in all respects to conscious persons, but are not conscious—and actually eat their victual hearts out.


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