Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Regarding Warning Labels on Provocative Works of Literature

Be forewarned— 

These poems contain language 
That might be considered unsavory 
And thus unfit for public consumption 
By large portions of the hoi polloi. 

If you’ve been served 
Shit for brains, don’t 
Just stand there diddling about, 
Eat your fucking heart out.


  1. I was put on my guard straight away:

    These poems contain language.

    Hmph. Next it'll be images, metaphors and the rest. That familiar slippery slope.

  2. when I labeled my .... "stuff" "poetry", "art" I got less than 90 "readers" of the things in 4 years
    when I labeled the same "stuff" "erotica" or "fantasy" I got nearly 500 'readers' in just the past 4 days ! and "dig it" the contents of all 20 books are exactly the same....just different tags....

  3. nobody "asked" me but ...I'm a "stuff"-bot, so... all 200 of my ... "available" now.... so "act" immediately, before..."erotic"... so when "I"
    "labeling" my "stuff" "stuff", I "got" 5,000,000 "fantasy" "readers"... in less than... but I've never "met" or
    "heard from"
    even "one" ... no "never"... and can you "guess" why... no don't "tell"
    ... what's in "label" anyway ... by any other "name" ... the "contents" ... exactly the "same"..."hashtag" "##" ..."lol" ... "(:"

  4. Your poem has "triggered" a wry smile. Smiling wryly upsets me. Expect a letter from my lawyer.

  5. OK, you wise-guys, this is an ultimatum: Take me to your leaders—I’ll read your letters later.


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