Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Little Learning Leads to One Being Dead in the Water

Buoyant at the depth of your skill 
While downing swill after swill 

From the Pierian Spring, keep this 
Swell thought afloat if you will— 

Deep thirst for undying fame leaves 
Many a poet bloated lying there still. 


  1. I'm content to be famous in my own mind, a happy zone where there are no hangovers....

  2. Vassilis,

    an interesting inversion of the "drink deep or not at all" prescription: I mean, shouldn't the Aristotelian mean apply to poetics and poetry writing as well?

  3. Being a fan of Aristophanes, I'm content to float on my lily pad and croak. :)


  5. When at art school, I remember a tutor saying with great scorn to a fellow student, "So, you have found your level of competence".

    If it's fame you're after, what kind of idiot notion would lead you to poetry?

    The rhyming here is something very lovely.

  6. Ed and Duncan,

    Thank you for joining me on my lily pad.

  7. yeah:

    so many frogs
    in one pond

  8. Notional self importances are a noted contributor to bloat. We see many cases here in Emergency.

    (They say a sharp pin is good for that sort of thing.)

  9. Tom,

    I've noted the importance of Mr. Pinhead’s sharp, silent YouTube video contribution and can only conclude that its 60+ views are a result of what you aptly describe as that bloated sensation brought about by too much self-flatulence. Imagine the hullabaloo it would have caused in the Emergency Ward if it had been a talkie.


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