Friday, November 4, 2011

Vitriol: The Plutocrat's Payback

My dearest Lady Jane, 
We know it’s a shame and rotten 
But really, there’s no need to explain the obvious 
Farewell of your well-off infamous snotty 
Obnoxious proboscis—you see, we’ve heard 
Rumors of a vicious tumor and it’s plain
As that snippet of a snub gracing your face, 
Making you now look so innocuous. 

But still we wonder 

Is this really you? If you could 
Just give us a clue, pretty 
Please with sugar on it— 
For old times’ sake, 
Before you depart 
Give us your best parting shot— 
No need for formalities, dearie 
Dispense with the snot.

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