Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Though no past shall ever be 
Perfect, we thought we knew 
Enough about it to keep us hopeful, 
Unraveling its myriad rules, ever mindful 
Of how we were told not 
To look upon ourselves 
As exceptions, lest the sovereign sun melt 

Our golden rule. 


  1. Vassilis,

    Unraveling the myriad golden rules... for further clues.

    Your five Mythistorema posts worked like little Watsons, tonight. I've searched 'em all!

    "They seek him here/ They seek him there/ They seek him everywhere," as was once said of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

    You've helped me home in on the light, once again.

  2. Seferis set to music brings one even closer to the light.

  3. Vassilis,

    As close as I could get to it:

    Nikos Xylouris sings Seferis' poem Stratis Thalassinos on the Dead Sea.

    A gravity and solemnity hinting of depths of feeling buried "many fathoms below the surface".

  4. Tom,

    Amazingly close enough:

    Eleni and I were at Agios Sostis on a Clean Monday two years ago with another couple--brilliant morning sunshine, a nippy breeze, the women gathering wild greens and the men spending an invigorating 30 minutes swimming in the icy waters before heading off to Taki's restaurant in Limeni itself for some tsipouro and accompanying fishy hors d'oeuvres--
    the perfect way to start Lent.


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