Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is the Color of My Dreams

(title of a painting by Miro)

I don’t paint but I know enough 
About colors to dream about them 

Painting my dreams. 


  1. Are the colors painting or are you using them to paint? Both, of course. A partnership! With the ghost of Miró whispering suggestions. Lovely!

  2. Vassilis,

    This post will live in dreams and not soon be forgot by this dreamer.

    Thought of you tonight, coincidentally, avoiding the gunfire by strolling through the ancient olive trees of Thassos...

  3. Joe--

    What lovely ghosts dream can call forth but unfortunately they can also conjure nightmares, as Tom reminds us.

    From the olive-covered foothills of the Ithomi mountain range of upper Messenias, I thank the both of you.

  4. this is a very nice title,

    well colours for me are all, I love colours, dream abour colours it's a great dream

  5. I love particularly the light that seems to be instilled within and emanating from the grove of olive trees -- the glaucous grey-green light of the eyes of the goddess.

  6. Laura,

    Your passion for colors appears in your paintings!


    It takes a gifted eye to see such a gift from the goddess, my good man.


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