Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Opportunity is a Window on the World

The sea, the sea, who will be able to drain it dry? 
—George Seferis, from “Mythistorema” 

In this small house 
On the bluff that is being 
Inexorably eaten away 
In front of the large bay windows 
That let in the light, 
Pray your eyes take in 
As much as they can 
Before running out and down 
To the strand, your hands cupped 
Round your ears so you can hear clearly 
The world’s beckoning, inexhaustible



  1. The wonderful series of single-sentence minimal marvels that have preceded this have set us up so perfectly for its stretched-out oceanic single-sentence majesty, worthy of the master to whom it pays epigraphic homage -- and proceeding beyond retrospective evocation into a magnificent abundance of presence.

    Let in the eternal light of song, then, we say gratefully, and shine across the waves to us, O generous singer, while there's still time!

    (And then, as not even a great poet is finally inexhaustible, enjoy a well-earned nap.)

  2. Tom,

    I'm going to have to sleep on this--maybe when I wake up, I'll have something eye-opening to say!

    (In the meantime, thanks for the close reading and generous comments.)

  3. Vassilis, I have been haunted by this poem all the livelong day, and much of the night, with the dying of the light.

    It is that bay window vista toward the sea beyond which stays with me, eyes open or closed.

    Distance lends enchantment to the view.



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