Saturday, November 26, 2011

Surreal Sleepwalker

Rising ever so 

Slowly but still mesmerized
In deep sleep, I see 

The moon waxing 
The blue ocean floor 

At my feet. 


  1. That half awake asleep state can seem surreal. This is lovely Vassilis, that moon waxing the blue ocean floor at your feet.

    However do you find such words and put them together to create whole new worlds of sensation?

  2. Now what's what I call a proper shoeshine, you old surrealistic sleepwalker, you.

    Blue and moon
    divine in time

    No better rhyme
    than shoe

  3. Elisabeth--

    However do I find such words? I'm a good sleep writer? =:)! Seriously, I don't know the answer but I'm going to sleep on it! Thanks for responding.


    Perhaps this is a key to answering the question that Elisabeth has: My old shoeshine box! In the meantime, I thank you, my good sir and spit on your shoes, to boot!

  4. Perfect! I've been moon-watching myself, but nowhere near the ocean. Now I feel I've seen it....


  5. Joe,

    Glad I could help and good to hear you liked it.


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