Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Plague on You, Shylock

Wishful thinking Rosy 
Rat gut package twine of course
There’s no such thing but 
Metaphorically speaking if
Bill hadn’t let the cat out of the bag 
Back in the Globe we could all be
Tying rings round parcels 
Of fat cat operators

With no strings attached, 
Sending them all packing.


  1. And don't let the door hit them -- or us -- too hard, on their way out... though I'm not holding my breath. Still, after all these aeons of futile thinking, wishing's perhaps the most fruitful prospect. Just shy of believing.

    Belief, that most elusive beyond-thought operation, would be the key that might un-pick all the locks. He said, forever credulous.

  2. What we need is something unbelievable--a tool to pick looks with! :>)


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