Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reading Dynamics

Having run through 
Ten thousand years of history, 

And finding myself 
Myriad pages ahead of where 
I would normally have been, 
I now felt strong enough 
To demolish everything— 

Even that immense blank wall slowly
Building up inside me. 


  1. Still -- always good to keep busy.

  2. there are many people around me who want to demolish dynamics itself because that is what our internal administrative system is called at icco. so your peom will get lots of support

  3. Peter—

    If Tom says it's always good to keep busy, I can only agree and add “By all means, throw the book at them!”

    ps. As soon as I can get it published, I'll send you my future tome which promises to be "heavy, man" and you'll be able to knock out your targets at will!


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