Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At a Loss for Words

I think that most of us have been--at one time or another (to repeat an oft repeated cliche)--"at a loss for words"--and I think I've been there more often than most of you, although I have no way of knowing if that's true or not, but perhaps that's not what's important right now. I think what's important for me right now is to tell all of you I've been trying to find the right words to describe this amazing book and I'm still at a loss. What now? Will William Michaelian/Stephen Monroe hold that against me? Of course not and I appreciate that fact but I also want them to know that even if I am at a loss for words, I can still find enough to say they have given me a gift that is priceless, and I'm inexpressibly grateful for that.


  1. William's book is hard to describe, isn't it? Reading it is like looking into a springtime brook: the impression is of clarity, motion, depth and reflection, with many layers of sound (a poet's prose)—such that one looks up from the page with that pleasant sense of disorientation we get when we look up from the flowing water and try to take in the trees on the opposite bank. I like that because it reminds me that the whole Earth is flying on under our feet: the daily miracle. How does William/Stephen do it? On the one hand, I wish I knew; on the other, I don't care to know. It's enough that his book refreshes the healing pleasures of being and feeling alive.

  2. i wish I could bring hordes of people to your blog now as I am wordless too so we could enjoy the sun rising out of the ocean all together and listen to the listening thing.
    Beautifully written Vasilis,thank you!

  3. Joe,

    Such marvelous prose--now that's exactly what I wish I could have said about William's book!


    Thank you so much but what I've written about William's book pales before Joe's comments above and his review of it.

  4. Oh,of course how Joe writes no other could,not on that masterful way and I if wasnt blinded by beauty of it I certainly would try to speak out loud .....only,im not so well equipped by beautiful words only by heartfelt opinion.You people rock and roll and I could not find myself or imagine myself in better company! Keep doing what you are doing please,even if its short in its form or silent...thank you both! Good day! :)
    as you can read,I spit it out in an impulse,no literary high levels but its honest! bye,bye...

  5. Aleksandrina,

    In these dishonest times, your kind of spit is just what we need--preferably aimed towards some dishonest politicians' faces!

  6. Now you got me laughing imagining the spited politicians faces :O)
    I can do that very good you know,as youngsters we,my friends and myself,were practicing in spitting a far!! Who spits further!! I won mostly cause of my special technique :D
    Bye bye...
    PS and I love to be called Aleksandrina,thank you ...


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