Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting Away from the Pressure Cooker

Our breakfast nook


outside our kitchen 
and we’re miles away, 
taking our time 

(fast breaking slowly) 

savoring the start 
of one more day. 


  1. And a glorious day, Vassilis.

    Today by chance, I discovered you are also a friend of my friend, Gillian Bouras, Australian by birth but living in Greece.

    What a wonderfully small world.

  2. The warmth of the space can be felt from a world away.

    Must be the colours. Reds, browns.

    Miles and miles, the further away from all these doomed grey concrete cities the better.

  3. Yes it is,indeed. Gillian so happens to live in Arfara, a town about 15 km south of Meligalas; saw her for a brief ten minutes last weekend on our way back from a lovely drive through the mountains....which means, Tom, that both of us are quite far away from the asphalt jungle, living as we do in the boondocks. Living here does have its drawbacks but they pale in comparison to life in the city.

  4. Good for you, my friend.

    As far as I'm concerned, the city is one big drawback. A place good for absolutely nothing. Even or perhaps especially for living... or dying.

  5. Having lived the greater part of my life in small towns, I'll have to agree with your bleak opinion about cities--it's not worth sacrificing a life
    of rusticity for a death in the bleak houses of urbanity.

  6. i can only agree being a regular visitor of the wonderfull milk and honey house. what more do you need in life?

  7. More wonderful visitors more regularly?:>)


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