Saturday, October 29, 2011

Morning Constitutional Amendment, Article One

We the people 

How little we understand 
Of what we see— 

(Flash of insight)—as in 
How did that false dawn get past me? 

Time to stop gallivanting 
And look again 

At what we didn’t see.


  1. False dawns so evanescent, like all illusions.

    But will it still be there, waiting for us?

    Delayed vision can prove abrasive, hindsight a kind of scraping away the eye-rust, our grubby little fists digging in those deep empty sockets.

    Ah, there's the rub.

  2. After reading this I had to find my socks and pull them back on. Then I read it again. May as well go barefoot until I can stop reading this poem! Maybe tomorrow will be safe for socks....

  3. Tom,

    Aye, delayed vision, we knew it well but alas too late and we can bet the grubs will be busy rubbing it in.


    Unbelievable—Hutchison aka Barefoot Boy with Cheek! Thank you for socking it to me with your usual generosity. I'm kayoed plenty.


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