Monday, October 10, 2011

Conceptions of a Too Fertile Mind

American Beauty in the West Wing

After a painstaking search
Of the house and the grounds,

The knife in question was found
Planted in the heart

Of an immaculate rose bed.


gay blade


In the heart of the heart
Of the country,

Whoever has the balls
To sing

The body electric
Is in for a shock.


fodder for the machine

All the way

From the back of the class,
Sent to the front

By an electrifying
Drill instructor—

As in animal prodder.


bedtime story

All the world over, rosy-

Cheeked kids like you
Are being put to sleep;

In the abattoir, pale
Insomniac butchers count

Brainless sheep.

NB:  An old one, but perhaps still relevant.

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