Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Definitely Not Lemmings #37-40

I suspect the sudden jump(!) in non-lemmings has everything to do with William Michaelian’s response to my recent post regarding his A Listening Thing; I thank him for his gesture and welcome Gabriella Mirollo, Brad and Kiki Thome, a Canadian residing at These Temporal Rooms, and an artist who prefers to remain anonymous—I thank all of you, too.


  1. I saw William's mention of your review of his book on Face book and thought your review is written as beautifully as William's book, which I'm well over half way through and enjoying immensely.

    You are such talented writers, you two.

    I'm glad you've encountered a few non-lemmings. Does that make me an occasional visitor to your blog, a lemming? I hope not. I come here by choice not by compulsion.

  2. My dear down under non-lemming, there must be some misunderstanding. From where I sit, I see you always writing wonderfully on the edge but never-never-ever falling over.

  3. Thank you & pleased to get to know you Vazambam!

    Always nice to meet a new fellow artist...!

  4. Thanks for the mention and the welcome! I take William's recommendations very seriously and have yet to be disappointed. By what I've seen here, I have no doubt his record will continue to be perfect in this regard.

  5. Gabriella,

    No one's perfect of course but William's blog score is always below par--to continue the golf image--and I consider myself fortunate to be his caddy! Thanks again.


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