Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monsanto Man on Tractor, 9 AM

Out walking, 

Smelling something faintly 
Evil in the air 

And not knowing exactly where 
It’s coming from, 

We finally come across a man 
At a crossroads somewhere 

Among the myriad olive trees 
And ask him where he’s been 

Spraying since daybreak to find out 
Just where we can proceed safely, 

Only to have him shoot back with a 
No problem, folks. I’ve just finished. 

You can walk anywhere. 


  1. No problem, folks. You can walk anywhere. Just make sure you don't step outside a genetically engineered space. Oh, and have a nice day at the crossroads!

    (WV = "earier"... and eerier... by the day.)

    (And when I tinkered with that one, the engineers gave me "tickliz"...)

    (And when that one had me a bit light-headed, I was commanded to "dens[i]fy". Thank you, once again, O gods of mechano-human control!)

  2. Awesome shiver that one leaves you with - Man and Nature, becoming one in dark hidden transactions.

    @TC: I think the Google AI both communicates with and learns language from us with those WV things. It's like hugely, hugely intelligent baby talk. Long live our machine children, and may they be good stewards!

  3. Thanks you two and hang in there—perhaps someone up there who likes us like will graciously permit our Grand Viziers to genetically modify our Word Verifier to Worse Versifier!

  4. Monsanto in the olive grove - that's a disturbing image.

    But to not be the man on the tractor, spreading evil without really knowing he's doing it, that's what I hope to avoid.

  5. Kevin,

    Some of these "farmer" guys are "innocent" enough to spray their tomatoes etc. with "ripening" hormones so that they can sell them the very next day--but would they themselves be caught dead eating them? Hmmm.


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