Friday, October 29, 2010

The Seasons

Never really desert us, take summer
For example, it just turns its coat
Round the corner and springs

Down the street, leaving us
Reeling on the sidewalk
Praying for autumn

To deck us once and for all
For winter’s stark,
Naked fall.


  1. erin,

    Thanks, but I hope this poem comes across as being something more than just "clever" although I'm lucky you thought it worthy of comment and for that I'm grateful.

  2. This poem interested me because it reminded me of our need for change, as well as continuity. Take summer, take a year of all-summer, and some might go mad. Maybe that's not what you meant by this poem but I felt a correlation between the cycle of removing the shackles (heavy coat come spring) and getting decked with autumn leaves (come fall) to remind us here comes dark again, get cover. The Seasons, like clockwork, always moving, but a constant. (Sort of Heraclitean). (Or I could be wildly off the mark here, but I found the images very familiar, found myself saying, "Yes!") Thanks, Vassilis.


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