Monday, October 11, 2010

Coming Soon: The Apophtegmata of Huuklyeand Cinquor

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email inbox a few days ago and found a rather lengthy letter from someone I’ve always admired: Huuklyeand Cinquor. At first I really couldn’t believe a maverick poet/writer/philosopher/critic of Cinquor’s stature would stoop so low as to address such an inferior—yea—lowly paper-pushing poet such as yours truly but sure enough he’d gone up and did it. But wait—there’s more!

Not only had he written a letter in which he addressed many of those thorny issues that have pricked the fancy of seriously tormented thinkers since time immemorial, he proposed I do something no poet in his right mind would ever refuse, to wit: From time to time, he would send me original apophtegmata which I would post on my blog—MY blog, mind you—together with permission to comment on them as I might see fit. Just the thought of having that illustrious name appear on Vazambam was enough to send wave after wave of tadpoles wriggling up my nose as I dived headlong into those dizzying depths of reflective narcissism. Of course I assented right off and the intermittent thoughts that Cinquor shall send my way promise to rewrite the wrongs that my blog has impressed upon an unsuspecting public. It’s about time.


  1. I'm excited, Vassilis! But I have to sign off: I see that Fernando Pessoa is calling me on the home line....

  2. Hey, let me know how it went; in the meantime, have I ever mentioned that Pessoa and Cavafy met on board a transatlantic steamer on its way to NY? Here's a link to a synopsis about the film made about that encounter.

  3. Sounds fantastic! Of course, it's not on Netflix. Has it been subtitled for us Greekless viewers?


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