Monday, December 3, 2012

Huuklyeand Cinquor's Take on Revisionist Poetics

All you visionaries hell-bent on taking 
Off after a vision, take this— 

A poem can take you anywhere 
You want but it won’t take you there 

If you put it down right from the start. 

Moderator’s comments: After some seven or eight months of silence on his part, I was beginning to think that Huuk was revising the soundness of his decision to send me his “poetry” at intermittent intervals, but it looks like I was a bit hasty with my assumption. So, after a long wait, let us revel once more in observing him at his short, didactic best (or worse, depending on how bad your myopia is) by focusing in on the poem’s intention to wit, what exactly is he trying to teach us here? That a poem cannot be “visionary” if it is written straightaway the first time without any revision whatsoever? Or is he assuming the role of the reader and admonishing us to give the poem the benefit of the doubt and not to dis it from the start? Maybe he’s trying to hook both poet and reader with his version of how to cast off all poetic illusions. Whatever the case, I certainly don’t want to prejudice any poets and/or readers out there by being picayune about his “effort” but I have to admit I’m having trouble following where he’s going with this, but then again, I’m not called “The Squint-eyed Kid” for nothing.


  1. I now know where 'my' vision won't be taking me...This was like two punches at the same time..parallel...loved it

  2. "the poem's intention"

    "trying to teach"

    where the hell IS my other specs? the rose-colored ones
    that open me up to those willy-nilly "visions" ?

    if it wasn't for my imagination (the poems and/or the art)
    I wouldn't get no sex !

    maybe he will take us over that "physical cliff" next month ...

    and reduce the Poetry deficit say by 87 % ?

    write when you have less time.

  3. Long as I don't go over the fecal cliff, I'll be fine.

    But seriously, The Squid-Eyed Kid clearly has misread Huuk. The Cinquorman isn't talking about writing, but reading; to "put it [the poem] down" refers to the reader failing to give it a chance, dissing it because of a startling first line or something. Read it through, counsels Huuk, even if you stumble on take-off. Both the straight-arrow lark and the fitful bat can find the moon, if not reach it.

    Huuk's vacation seems to have done him good.

  4. Huuk’s vacation seems to have done him good, indeed—an eight-month sabbatical far from the maddening crowding of lemmings pursuing apocalyptic visions over abysmal cliffs would do wonders to anybody’s head and perhaps keep him/her from taking that proverbial salto mortale. It might even help yours truly overcome this rather frightening worsening of my myopia, wherein I seem to be sprouting squid-like tentacles out of my eye sockets, a malady Joe has already announced to an unsuspecting public by accidentally(?) revealing my new nickname.


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