Friday, November 30, 2012

X Marks the Spot, Treasure Hunter

Say you found a map hidden 
Under the innersole 
Of a hiker’s boot way out 
There in the middle 
Of the wide, open spaces 
And you can’t see hide 
Nor hair of the hunter, 
While only a stone’s throw 
Away from the boot the map leads you 
To the jawbone of a dodo 
And the blunderbuss of an ass— 

What’re you waiting for, dude? 
Dig in, you’ve hit pay dirt. 


  1. So you think it could be pay dirt, then, old timer?

    (And here I'd been secretly fearing this strange trove might turn out to be be no more than a common garden variety fungus!)

  2. Although it might be "At ease, disease. . . . .", one still has to beware of Necrotic ring spot!


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