Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lost and Found: Dated Poetic Relic

Lo and Behold! 

I found what they were looking for 
When it became the death of me, 
Then put it back for them to find 
Before they knew the difference. 


  1. This is a fierce little knot.

    Always best to let them know as little as possible.

  2. And the secret is well kept (hid) in the precise weft and weave of these 32 exacting syllables, each weighed and measured and counted and none wasted on any untoward spilling of the beans into the knitting.

    The poem puts one in mind of those enigmatic marking-stone inscriptions found in classical times at remote crossroads -- "O Stranger, should you happen to bump into any Lacedaemonians down the way, don't let on we were here when you passed by".

  3. TC's comments (I'm sure WB would agree) demonstrate why he was and continues to be such a fine editor/poet; to paraphrase WB, "Always best to let them know as much as possible" about the multifaceted Tom Clark. BTW, whenever a Greek mentions the magical number 300 (yep,that's right, believe it or not) most of the time it pejoratively refers to the “brave” lads of the Greek Parliament who have sacrificed nothing and gained the undying hatred of so many of their constituents by selling themselves (and their country) to the highest bidder and making a killing in the process. The phantom of brave Leonidas is probably having second thoughts about his saving of Greece from the barbarians.

  4. I'd agree without hesitation, Vassilis.

    300: that's one ugly repetition.


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