Monday, February 22, 2010

Recent Links [Updated 11.30 pm]

Recently Linked—Definitely Not Lemmings #16: It's a pleasure to welcome Noxalio as a new follower of Vazambam—follow the links to these two interesting blogs:
Noxalio and noxpix.

[11.30 update, Definitely Not Lemmings #17: Aleksandra joins us from Holland; she is an artist and has two blogs, one here and another here. Thank you, Aleksandra!]

My thanks to William Michaelian for dedicating his drawing titled A Man Named Nobody to yours truly.

And lest I forget, thanks to Conrad DiDiodato who graciously added Vazambam to his blog list!


  1. Thanks, Vassilis. I shall check these blogs out. It's always good to meet new people.

  2. Elisabeth,

    Judging from your blog traffic, you've been very successful at that, so you must be doing something right--bravo!


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