Thursday, July 11, 2013

Metamorphosis, Hombre, As in Cicada

Si, still under

Only a shell
Of it

Self, nada.

(right click on image to open new window)


  1. Thanks, Jonathan; don't know if you get much of these cacophonous critters round your parts but this year we have a bumper crop, as they say. Their favorite spot is on the trunks of our two twinned cypresses right out in front of our kitchen patio and they start winding up when it's just the right temperature--about 6.30-7 am depending on how hot it's going to get every day and continue well after the sun has set, again depending on what the current temperature is.

  2. Always a joy to follow the flow of your thinking, Vassilis. The coupling of words in the last line is remarkable.

  3. Alas no. This is an exotic sound remembered from long ago holidays.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Duncan; good to hear that.


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