Friday, July 19, 2013

Huuklyeand Cinquor on Satiated Corpuses

[…the poet’s] entire body promises to satisfy our every whim and fancy
while we wait for his creative juices to start flowing once that first course arrives.*

You say

This fare is a bookworm’s
Unforgettable delight
Easily digested, my friend—

If so, why then

At the end the taste
Of gritty grubs ruminating
On tips of tumescent tongues?

*Blurb by one Randall Cann Standall on back cover of the Complete Poetical Works of X.S. Wasserbildj-Vandersluis, publisher unspecified.

Moderator’s comments: I don’t know about you guys but I’ve just about had my fill of Cinquor’s tasteless and tiresome efforts. The next time he sends me something like this, I’m going to return it to him with the following instructions (in block letters) on the envelope:  DROP DEAD, WRITE LATER.



  1. Devilishly delicious!

  2. Vassilis,

    don't be so hard on Huuk. 'Satieted corpses': why, he's talking about conceptual poets!

  3. why be so polite when replying to "Cinquor" ?
    and, who IS this "Cinquor", anyway ?

    in your reply
    you just might
    as he last thing
    she said to me

    the last time that I saw
    her ( my Original Muse)

    as I was leaving:

    "and don't send me any-
    more of your stupid fucking poems -

    call me next week."

    ( haven't seen her or talked to her
    in almost 10 years... still trying to
    figure-out to which poems she was
    referring .... wish I knew. anything.

  4. FYI: If anybody’s appetite remains unsatiated and thirsty for more info as to just who Cinquor might be, here’s a good place as any to whet it.


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