Monday, July 8, 2013

A Sentence As Curious As My Ten-Month-Old Granddaughter's Look

I have no way of knowing 
But it seems every time 
You look to touch my face, 
Your little body’s trying 
Hard to flesh out what 
I hope you remember well after 
This bag of bones has gone its way. 


  1. Beautiful and touching, Vassilis. Those who don't think "Oh yes" on reading this must never have had the pleasure of a grandchild on their knee.

  2. Vassilis,

    infants can invent nothing false. You shall be around a long time, indeed.

  3. I love that this is a body trying to figure things out and not some ghost notion of mind.

  4. it is that quality of wonder and spontaneity that makes all children beautiful
    and when it is gone in adults that absence makes them seem dreary and sad.

  5. Well said, friends—I just hope this sad and dreary bag of bones will still be around when Phaedra’s old enough to read this poem and your comments!

  6. Quite moving, this one.

    Dunno about the granddaughter's memory, it's probably already a lot better than this old man's -- but for as long as that lasts, this poem will stay lodged therein.

  7. Thanks,Tom--

    Let's hope that memory keeps speaking to you for a long while yet--we'll be here listening to hear it.


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