Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coming up in the World

Where once there was 
An outhouse 

With swatches of news 
Paper nailed to bare brick 

Wall next to a hole, 
Now indoors 

A fine vitreous fixture 
And a roll 

Of soft ass-wipe unwound, 
Touching cool 

Marble floor. 


  1. OH WOWOW !

    sounds a bit like the house that we rented in Lindos in 1968069 for US $20
    per month. A white-washed house behind a stone wall cross the pebbled
    courtyard that had a lemon tree against the inside of the wall and a spigot
    for water next to it
    across the yard in what must have once been a storage closet was a toilet
    that had no toilet seat. and to flush things down we had to fill a bucket at the spigot and poor the water in the toilet.... it was tied into a sewer-line that went somewhere... probably out to the Bay of St. Paul (?).

    about a month after we got there my Original muse (Pauline Chin (now Fay) showed up .... a chance encounter that changed me forever.... and a month after that (event) Jack Gilbert showed up... Jack was still there when I left I suspect that he "had the hots" for Pauline.

    the house was on the narrow street that led up to the acropolis... donkeys
    took tourists up from the square to the acropolis whenever a bus-load of them came in from Rhodes. The rich fat Germans where the nastiest

  2. I can almost feel it.

    (The cool marble that is.)

  3. Ha ha I see this one brought up wonderful memories of how things used to be in Greece in the 60s. Never again, dear friends, will we experience such innocence.


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