Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blown Away

The heat wave was so 
Stupefying the cicadas 

Exploded taking off 
Our heads the last I heard 

They were high- 
Tailing it, frazzled 

By dodging sparrows 
Pine to pine. 


  1. Vassilis,

    always appreciate the deliciously menacing enjambments. I mean: where would the infernal noise of the cicadas "taking off" in summer be more likely to be felt than in exploded heads?

  2. I understand the feeling, though in my particular case it was (alas) not a cicada but a VW Jetta.

    And here I go again with my willful misreading syndrome: what or who exactly was it that was hightailing it, then -- the exploded cicadas, our decapitated heads, or the Jetta?

    The two formers piled into the latter, perhaps, heading straight off into the darkest part of the wood?

  3. Yep, those enjambments can be pretty menacing--especially if it's a Jetta that's doing the jamming and it's an unsuspecting poet's (not a pedestrian one by a long shot!)head that's on the receiving end. Unfortunately, just when you think the heat wave has petered out, there comes another one just as fierce.

    This has not been a cool summer in Hellas, folks.


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