Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I Didn't Write a Poem This Morning


In a sudden light drizzle, I spent most 
Of my energy musing 
Under the eaves 

Watching our pup, mouth 
Wide open, trying 
To catch 

Some shining 
Drops coming out 
Of the downspout—surely 

Here was an other 
Kind of thirst.


  1. Elizabeth Boleman-HerringJanuary 24, 2012 at 11:53 AM

    What am I doing UP at this hour, even reading this wonderful poem????

  2. Aah Time is but an illusion . It doesn't matter where it comes from but inspiration is welcome at any time especially through the eyes of an artist..........Pleasant dreams

  3. Vassilis,

    The mind reels to consider what might have happened had you decided to write a poem this morning (if this isn't one).

    Once again you have regaled the fevered herd with what is most hungered for and hankered after... yet another generous provision of

    shining drops.

  4. Your dog must be a distant cousin of Nipper's, who—were he still around—would be lapping up your delicious music....

  5. I must stop trying to write more doggy poems—keep more of you people from staying up all night wrestling with illusions; on the other hand, I wish I could write one specifically about Nipper because—contrary to what most people believe— this canine wasn’t listening to His Master’s Voice, he was talking to Him! Must have been one helluva doggone conversation.

    My thanks to all of you for this generous offering of chow.


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