Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Modes in Tramp Time

The Epic 

It’s too bad 

You were destined 
For greater things. 

The Lyric 

Perhaps but why is it 

The less I say, 
The better 

Everything becomes. 


  1. Picturing poetic genres as congenial vagrants, with whom we may have more in common than might at first have been suspected, is a pleasure.

    Epic meant well.

    Lyric held its tongue.

    And look at them now.

  2. Two alley cats allied against Tin Pan Alley? :>)

  3. Yes, so it sounds from the caterwauling on the back fence. Or is that just two hungry tabbies in modal time?

    Tin Pan Alley always owned the music, and ownership just means real estate, and
    real estate is always for sale.

    (Someone is yowling that ownership has latterly passed into the hands of the academic trust, but how are two alley cats to know about such things? And... -- ow! -- it seems now they've even electrified the fences!)

  4. Yeah, your link says it all: "Everything can be bought for a song."


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