Monday, September 12, 2011

For the Last Time, I'm Telling You All I Know

Say it was translated
Into intelligible speech,
This poet’s sibyllic

Song would still sound
Like no song ever
Heard before.


  1. "Sybillic" is not in my dictionary. Thank the gods! You've put it on the map. And of course we're all wondering—which poet? A haunting poem, Vassilis....

  2. Which poet? Perhaps we should ask Sibyl. In the meantime, don't look at me, Joe--I only wrote the poem.

  3. "Let us hear that one one more time, like we've never heard it before."

    Isn't that what enthusiasts are always asking?

    ("You have conversations with the sibyl every morning yourself, you're always getting unintlligible messages," says a shadow ghosting past in the penumbra.)

  4. Like this?


    the pen

    ultimate accent
    falling on the stone


  5. "It's true about the hieroglyphics," says a voice from the shadows, "that if people living in later centuries can't decipher them, then they ARE being stone-deaf, with respect to the hieroglyphics."

    (Out of the mouths of these circumambient sibyls flitting through the penumbral nimbus come these unarguable truths.)

  6. "Truer words were never spoken," says the pedestrian supplicant.


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