Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Huuklyeand Cinquor on Bernstein’s Artifice of Absorption

So powerful was his gift
Of garb, you had to

Hang on to your shocks.

Moderator’s comments: Now we know where Cinquor has been hiding out these past two months: Checking out the new world naked emperor’s new clothes!


  1. Call, ah, Paul's Boutique?

    They're in Brooklyn.

  2. "...desire to be a business man for the avant-garde..."

    That's serious business, all right.

    ("Giving them the business" -- it's always been the professional huckster's modus operandi.)

  3. OK, youse guys--the jig's up:

    Avon Guard's calling out front--come out with your hands high and your low-down dragging arse poeticas bringing up the rear!

  4. B-b-but, Rocco... they can't be coming for us... I mean, we can't HELP our violations of fashion, can we?

    Our terrible clothes jumped us when we weren't looking!

  5. As we say about the ragged edges of all our busted seams -- If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

  6. The N Train

    Oh, boy--try to

    dodge 'em once and
    they'll make you

    join 'em forever, so
    sit back and

    'n'joy, boy!

  7. And as Demo K of Astoria raves,

    "probably the cleanest of all transit lines.. only problem is those darn panhandlers!"


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Well, Demo K. from Astoria way…you probably don’t know that your Greek ancestor immigrants—and other such European riff-raff (in this case, the Finns) –were given
    the boxcar treatment and then corralled on the West Coast of the Land of Opportunity so that you could express yourself so DEMOKratically on the East Coast on the dirty subject of mendicants on an otherwise “clean” N Train and I could go on and on but let’s leave it at that.

  10. This is where the link above was supposed to take you before it got derailed twice:

  11. "The Greeks took the matter as a joke until they reached the box cars, when some protested..."

  12. And that, my dear friend, was no laughing matter......even for the whole kit-and-bamboozled descendents of Aristophanes.

  13. Vassilis,

    That chilling line put me in mind of the progression of emotions captured in the nine photos preceding the last one here.

  14. Along that same line, a documentary is now being filmed in this area which has as its main protagonist(a close friend and neighbor),the 85-year-old son of a local politician who was one of the persons taken to Kalamata after the fall of Meligalas in September 1944 and lynched by a frenzied mob. What he has to say about the battle and resultant atrocities committed by both sides are almost as chilling as the nine photos you've provided. More about this documentary when the second stage of filming is completed in November.


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