Sunday, April 18, 2010

It Stands to Reason

Just as that fledgling starts

To leave, its branch begins

An imperceptible trembling.


  1. Another masterpiece. And when I come here, the same thing happens when I start to read.

  2. As if that branch cannot bear to be left or does it tremble in honour of the exodus?

    Wonderful poem, Vassilis.

  3. Like the imperceptible trembling of a parent, sending their offspring out into the world for the first time alone, joy & trembles mixed. Having watched a tiny bird once embark on his first flight from the nest, only to fly headlong into a neighbor's wall and fall, suprised and dazed, down onto the grass (he picked himself up and skitted across the grass, apparently none the worse for his first encounter with autonomy), I understand completely that trembling branch, ha ha. Great poem, Vassilis!

  4. William,

    Thanks, you old bird--you drop in so often it's a wonder the branch hasn't broken yet!

    Right on, Elisabeth and Annie--I thank you both for going out on this limb for me!


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